Tuckpointing consists of grinding, cleaning, and/or filling in the mortar around the bricks. When the mortar begins to weaken and starts to fallout, the bricks may become loose. When this occurs, some form of masonry repairs is required to ensure structural safety. Also the new application of mortar provides a water resistant, prevents air drafts and gives the bricks of the customer's house/building a fresh, new look.


Concrete is composite construction material, composed of cement, limestone, sand, water and chemical admixtures.The water reacts with the cement, which bonds the other components together ,eventually creating a robust stone-like material. Properly curing concrete leads to increase strength and avoids cracking,scaling and poor abrasion resistance.


Waterproofing describes the applications of various materials by variety of methods on new and existing structures to waterproof and preserve the structures and minimize water damage.

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