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Gralak TuckpointingSolid brickwork and firm mortar will improve your homes appearance and save you money in the future by eliminating leaks, drafts and temperature loss.
When mortar begins to weaken and starts to fallout, the bricks, stones and cinder blocks may become loosened.
Once this occurs, a form of masonry repair will be required to ensure structural safety.

Knowing When to Tuckpoint

masonry-wall-by-gralak-tuck-pointing-and-waterproofingA masonry wall will last 10-20 year before showing signs of major deterioration.

Communicating with Gralak Tuckpointing Company – licensed masonry contractors is extremely important to evaluate condition of your building.

This note will arm the homeowners with the proper tools and knowledge needed when the tuck pointing is necessary:

  1. Crumbling joints (when you rake your finger across the joints and mortar falls out)
  2. Mortar is spalling off or popping out in places
  3. Misalignment of joints
  4. Missing or loose mortar joints
  5. Water damage and seepage is evident in the interior of your house
  6. Wall curvature

Mortar Rehabilitation

Masonry joints are prepared by Gralak Tuckpointing and Waterproofing Team:

  1. All vertical and horizontal joints shall be cut or raked out (grinding out) to solid bed joint with special power routing tools without unduly damaging the edges of abutting masonry. Grinding operation will be completed with the use of commercial dust control vacuums.
  2. Clean with brush or flush with water or compressed air joints to remove dirt and loose debris
  3. Re-pointing: new mortar will be packed tightly into the joints to match the existing mortar in comprehensive strength ,color and joints style .

mortar-rehabilitation-by-gralak-tuck-pointing-and-waterproofingAll existing mortar will be lightly dampened before tuck – pointing to ensure proper bound of new mortar. All tuck -pointed masonry will be brushed off and cleaned to remove all excess mortar and mortar smears. All new mortar joints will be almost impervious to water.

(Note: Visible differences may occur between the old and new work that is conducted due to the new mortar not having weathered yet.)

The wall temperature should be between 40 and 95 degrees to prevent freezing or excessive water evaporation of the mortar. We recommend a type N mortar (1:1:6) is made up of 1 part lime ,1 part Portland cement and 6 parts sand and then a minimum amount of water consisted with work ability to provide tensile bond strength capacity of the mortar.

After 2 hours of mixing, mortar will be discarded .

Masonry Restoration

tuckpointing-by-gralak Tuckpointing is the replacement of the deteriorated mortar joints in an existing masonry wall.
Depending on the quality of the original construction ,some parts of the masonry walls such as :parapet walls, chimneys, window lintels ,copings will become deteriorated and require maintenance such as a repair or replacement.

For example: a limestone cap and healthy bricks to keep your chimney in shape.

masonry-restoration-by-gralak-tuck-pointing-and-waterproofing Brickwork and stone work over windows and doors present a problem due to the weight of the material. The Gralak Team, as professional mason company, can build steel angle irons (lintels) into the structure to transfer the weight of the brick or stone above the opening to the side columns or side walls. In many cases, the angle iron starts to sag and cracks develop in the brickwork or stone work.

lintel-replacement-by-gralak-tuck-pointing Replacement lintels by Gralak  Tuckpointing Masonry Sealing and Waterproofing Contractors:


At the head of the openings we will cut out masonry as required directly above the lintels. Once the masonry units are removed , Gralak Tuckpointing Team will carefully clean the existing mortar from the current masonry and sweep out all dust and debris. Masonry above the openings will be braced as required with structural lumber.

The removal of lintels or cut plates at I beams will occur as necessary. Once the removal is completed , a newly painted steel lintel can be installed.

The next step is to install a new self-adhering flashing with a metal termination bar at the top of the flashing and end dams at the ends of the masonry openings including cotton weep cords in joint heads 24 inches of center.

In addition a stainless steel drip edges will be installed. Finally, clean and reset masonry will be set at the openings back to its original sound and plumb conditions.

The new mortar will match the existing as close as possible.

Our Masonry Restoration Repairs Include:

  1. Replacement bricks, stones and blocks
  2. Restoring lintels
  3. Rebuilding and and repairing chimneys
  4. Installation of concrete caps and steel vents
  5. Rebuilding and repairing parapet walls
  6. Stone and clay coping installation
  7. Installation of parging walls
  8. Chemical cleaning and power washing
  9. Efflorescence removal
  10. Installation and replacemnt glass blocks
  11. Installation of window and door sill copings
  12. Installation of parapet walls flashing systems
  13. Rehabilitation of masonry facades

Our Tuckpointing and Masonry Restoration


Free any color or  style of tuckpointing  on any style of building.

Cinder and Split  Face  Concrete Blocks Tuckpointing

cinder-and-split-face-concrete-blocks-tuckpointing-by-gralak-tuck-pointingIn new buildings masonry walls might contain more than average number of the Hair Line cracks around the blocks. Many times inexperienced contractors will say the hairline cracks are nothing to worry about; however, in the reality, the small cracks are worse than large cracks, because the hairline cracks will suck water in through a process known as capillary action. Once the water is sucked through these small cracks it enters the concrete split face block.

To avoid an expensive and substantial waterproofing construction improvement in the concrete blocks masonry walls, homeowners should look for water intrusion around the floor, window wooden boards, around electrical sockets and junction boxes. If water enters it will run along a smooth surface such as a conduit.

We recommend to continuously look for water signs ( dark mold around walls and ceilings corners ) in the closets, laundry rooms and the basement lower elevations areas.

The areas where joists and beams enter the supporting exterior walls are usually the first area to be impacted because water is able to be absorbed by the wooden joints of the building’s wall.

Gralak Tuckpointing and Waterproofing contractors repair cinder block walls leaks and can fix all split face concrete blocks water problems by finding the most effective masonry, waterproofing and sealcoating solutions.

Chimneys Tuckpointing

chimney-tuckpointing-by-gralak-tuck-pointing-and-waterproofingChimneys are often the most weather exposed part of the homes.

Chimneys are located higher than any other section of the houses and are exposed to all weather conditions (i.e. excessive rain, snow, and ice to excessive sun and wind).

These all play a major role in the rapid deterioration of chimney masonry structures.

When water enters and makes it’s way through the brick or stone at the chimney, it causes costly damage to the inside walls (drywall/plaster, paint and wooden trims). Most Homeowners do not realize their chimney is in need of tuckpointing until they notice the water entry.

By hiring Gralak Tuckpointing Masonry Sealing and Waterproofing Experts all Homeowners can avoid the expensive damages by keeping up on the maintenance of the bricks and mortar.

Our chimney restoration steps listed below:

  1. We provide visible inspection of conditions to the bricks, mortar , roof flashing, caulking and concrete cap
  2. We tuckpoint ,grind if necessary ,the entire chimney solid, usually from the roof line up
  3. We will replace the missing or deteriorated bricks or stones
  4. Repair or replace the concrete chimney cap (crown wash) and install metal top cover on flue if needed
  5. We will replace the caulking at the metal flashing around the chimney
  6. We apply masonry cleaner and sealer to leave your chimney looking and performing like new

Each chimney has it’s own unique masonry problems, which can be assessed by giving us call/email for a free estimate .

Masonry Restoration and Tuckpointing Permit Required

masonry-restoration-and-tuckpointing-permit-requiredA building permit is required to ensure that the project you are constructing conforms to the minimum standards of the City of Chicago Building Code.

These standards are intended to protect the integrity of the buildings.

The Easy Permit Process Program is streamlined for small, simple home and building improvement projects. It allows home and building owners to obtain a permit to Repair or Replace the same or existing features of a building without requiring architectural plans.

Some permits can be obtained online.
The Homeowners can use the Easy Permit process for the following Outside the Building masonry projects.

  1. Doors/windows replacement  (4 dwelling units or more same size ,same location)
  2. Masonry work (mason contractor required)
  3. Tuck-pointing  (mason contractor required ,masonry cleaning and grinding require a pollution prevention permit)
  4. Roofs (If adding a layera, a general contractor or prima owner can perform the work)
  5. Lintel repairs ( 6’ opening maximum,mason contractor required)
  6. Scaffolding –an easy permit can be received same day if the work has been approved by the City of Chicago Department of Transportation

 In addition, Gralak Construction Company with the Radoslaw Gralak as the Certified by the City of Chicago Licensed Masonry contractor will successfully complete all masonry and tuckpointing Code Violations Corrections of the building, house and offices.

How Much Does Tuckpointing Cost?

Plenty of ways to ask how much money one might spend on a tuckpointing project.

how-much-gralak-tuckpointing-costs How much should tuckpointing cost?
Is tuckpointing expensive?
Is there a square foot price for tuckpointing?
What does it cost per job, per wall or per square foot?

We bid our tuckpointing projects by calculating time and material.

Most of the cost involved with tuckpointing projects will be labor,
preparation of the masonry walls and set-up the scaffoldings.

If the location of the project is in an obstructed area or difficult to access,
more time,
labor and equipment will be required.

Once a tuckpointing project commences, additional costs might be incurred . Additional brick work might be involved such as:brick replacement, brick repair, restoration power washing and cleaning, applying a masonry water repellent water proofer, minor relay, etc.

All of our Chicago and suburbs tuckpointing projects are completed with the highest in quality, experience and in a timely manner at a reasonable price.

 Additional questions about the cost of the tuckpointing?

Contact us to schedule an appointment for free estimate via our phone, email address, web page, Yelp, Angie’s List and Better Business Bureau.

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